Artificial Intelligence Workshop Secrets

How can AI change your everyday life, from GPT to video and image generation? I’ll fill you in, with simple and easy-to-understand guides.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the wonders of AI, but are just starting to explore this exciting world? 🌟 Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or simply love extraordinary things, now’s your chance to take a closer look at the tools that can change your everyday life.

How can they change it?
You can be more efficient, faster, get new ideas or even help you learn, analyse, generate creative ideas…

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence Workshops: a series of workshops in which we discuss the latest AI technologies in a simple and accessible way. 🚀 My goal is to make knowledge available to everyone, knowledge that might have been available behind closed doors or seemed too complicated.

How will the series of articles be structured?

Let’s start with GPTs

GPTs can write poems with deep and emotional lines that touch the heart of the reader. But they don’t stop here! They can put together amazing articles, simplifying complex topics to make them understandable to anyone. In fact, they can develop or rework an entire business plan, formulating ready-made ideas, saving you valuable time.

But how can you use this amazing tool? Here are some examples: blogging and content production, business communication, creative writing, teaching and learning

With GPT, you get a digital assistant who is always available to help you achieve your goals. Why would you turn down the opportunity to have such a resource to help you in your work?

But what’s behind the technology? And how can you use them to your advantage, whether for personal or business purposes?

Then we will dive into the exciting world of video and image generation. Imagine being able to direct your own films without taking a single step in reality, or create paintings without picking up a paintbrush. 🎨 How can this be possible?

And how about if I show you how to fine-tune your prompts to get exactly what you want? Asking the right questions is key to achieving the desired results.

In this series, I encourage everyone to explore the possibilities of AI for themselves. You don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of forints on training courses or tutorials that you don’t fully understand. 🚫💸 It’s time to finally learn how you can make AI your own tool, whether it’s for business, learning or just curiosity.

Curious? 😊 Then join me!

Who am I talking to now?

  • Entrepreneurs: learn how to increase your business efficiency, automate daily tasks and improve customer communication with AI tools.
  • Students: How can AI help learning, research and the creation of personalised learning materials?
  • Inquisitive minds: immerse yourself in the creative possibilities offered by AI, whether it’s writing text, generating images and video, or any new and exciting field.

You don’t have to see AI as complicated or inaccessible. In this series, I’ll show you step-by-step how AI can become your everyday tool, helping you to be more productive, creative and successful in your activities.

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We are leaving this week!