Heaven begins on Earth

As leaders, as people, the most important thing is to understand and support each other. The paradise of our lives truly begins here on Earth, and I believe we can create it.

VOL2. My content through AI eyes

Join me on another adventure, where tengr.ai now gives me feedback on my personal brand essence, focusing on my content.

What kind of character am I based on what the digital world sees of me?

Guests of Fortuna / Paying a Visit to Fortuna

“We’re building a non alcoholic café, and Laci… drinks!” 😒

Imagine: a (very) hard-luck couple, Aniko and Laci, whose lives change in an instant when they win HUF 636 million in the lottery. But does money change people? Or will it bring new challenges into their lives and make life even more difficult than before?

“Fortuna’s Guests” is a moving Hungarian documentary that delves deep into the true value of human relationships, love and happiness.

Marley for breakfast: How our culture shapes our lives and us?

While watching the trailer of Bob Marley: One Love in the dark of the cinema, I suddenly remembered a story that made me ask deep questions about the relationship between our roots and our identity.

How profoundly does where we are born and the environment that surrounds us affect our lives?

Does it really define who we are, or do we have the power to take control into our own hands?