Awareness in career

It’s important to be clear about who you are and how you want to appear to others. Be authentic and use your uniqueness to your advantage. Build your personal brand based on your own characteristics.

Many of us are brought up on the principle that if we study hard and work hard, our results will speak for themselves. However, this is no longer always the case.

You need to be aware, because those who communicate well – even if they are less competent than you – often come out ahead (more opportunities, more lucrative collaborations).

This is due to the fact that they are more effective and more conscious in getting their messages across.

It is essential to know yourself and how you want to appear to others.

There is no wrong answer, and no need to invent characteristics that are not true for you.

Stay authentic!

Discover your own uniqueness and the characteristics you can build on.

It’s not enough just to know who you are; you have to actively show who you are. Every missed opportunity is a missed chance.

Who are you? What do others see in you?
The one you want?

Aletta Nagy-Kozma

Aletta Focus Marketing