My LinkedIn profile through AI eyes: redefining a personal brand

Let’s see what thinks of you when it only analyses your LinkedIn profile introduction: a new perspective on your personal brand.

I started an exciting experiment today!

I asked ‘s technology to create a picture of the person it sees based on my LinkedIn profile, based on my description and profile. (I didn’t even ask you to check my other content, that will be the next round… just my introduction).

The result? A series of pictures where each character has a sincere look, brown hair and a little smile, and they have a little bit of cool in them. When you see that, okay, this person is respectful, elegant, but if he’s in a group where he can fit in, he’ll laugh so hard the walls shake. One of them (all very similar) is here 🙂

This kind of technology provides an amazingly interesting insight into how AI “sees” us and interprets our personal brand.

The honesty and positive aura that comes through in every picture is a confirmation for me that these qualities that are very important to me (and I think are my essence – like kindness, honesty…) are reflected in my profile and through my profile.

How accurate do you think this AI picture is? Is it consistent with the values and characteristics that you see in me?

Aletta Nagy-Kozma