Nostalgia and Brand Loyalty: the power of Rakuten’s ‘Clueless’ advertising

Rakuten’s latest advertisement with Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd from the original “Clueless” film evokes nostalgic feelings. The ad targets fans of the cult 90s film, creating a strong emotional bond between the brand and its audience. The advertisement brilliantly combines nostalgia, humour and brand loyalty, and the “Why not?” message fits perfectly with Rakuten’s brand values.

I came across the Rakuten advertisement from last year and felt like I had stepped back in time! You know, I’m the one who’s still a fan of “Clueless” (yes, still! and that’s probably not going to change, I’m having fun with it for the twentieth time).

So you can imagine my excitement when Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd appeared on screen – yes, the original cast! It’s crazy! 🤗

But why does this advertising work so well? First, it harnesses the power of nostalgia. By filming with the original cast, the brand is able to reach out and touch those who loved the cult film of the ’90s. This creates an incredibly strong emotional bond between the brand and the audience, which can help build brand loyalty and customer engagement.

But it’s not just the nostalgia that makes this ad great. It’s both funny and clever. It has the same witty and relaxed atmosphere as the film, and it works very well. In addition, the “Why not?” message, which was the central theme of the original film, is now a Rakuten trademark. This message, which encourages consumers to dare to dream bigger and expect more from their purchases, fits perfectly with Rakuten’s brand values.

I think this ad is a brilliant mix of nostalgia, humour and brand loyalty. And as someone who always wanted a “Clueless” sequel, this ad hit the mark.

So, Rakuten, keep up the good work!

Mel Horowitz: Cher! Come here!
Cher Horowitz: Yes, Daddy!
Mel Horowitz: What the hell is that on you?
Cher Horowitz: Dress!
Mel Horowitz: Who says?
Cher Horowitz: Calvin Klein!
… Okay, I have to watch the movie today! 😄