Halloween in the marketing world: How to make the most of one of the most exciting holidays of the year? 🎃👻

🎃👻 Halloween in the world of marketing! 🕷️🦇 Wondering how to use this exciting holiday to your business’ advantage? Discover the latest tips and tricks guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd! 🖤

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Content marketing – What is it?

🚀 Why is content marketing so important?

Did you know that content marketing is not just about sharing information? Good content builds brand loyalty, increases engagement and helps you stand out from the crowd!
…so it builds a stable follower/buyer base for you and generates revenue in the long-term.

But how to use it effectively? What are the pitfalls? And why we should use it?

Generation marketing – Generation Z

Generation Z is made up of young people born between 1995 and 2010 who are born into the world of digital technologies and are comfortable with rapid change. Technological development and the online space dominate their lives and they are particularly concerned about personal freedom, social responsibility and environmental awareness.