Born to lead? – Myth and Reality

In this article, I explore whether there really is such a thing as a “born leader”, or whether leadership skills can be developed through learning and development.

Hand painted cinema posters

Discover hand-painted cinema posters of the mysterious “Hungarian Warhol” at the Marczibányi Square Cultural Centre. A unique exhibition combining the world of cinema and pop art.

Creating compelling campaigns

What makes a campaign not just good, but really interesting and attractive? It is a mixture of art, psychology and strategy. (and it is still a question whether marketing is…

Business community

I’m delighted to announce that I am among the newest member of the Forbes Business Club and featured in the 10th anniversary edition of the magazin, in November! It is a reminder that for managers, continuous learning and adaptation is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Nearing Halloween: Tim Burton and the art of uniqueness

Draw inspiration from Tim Burton’s films and career to learn how to become the best at what you do. Discover the power of passion, perseverance, continuous learning and good relationships to achieve success. Success is not a destination, but a journey. Be part of this journey and enjoy every step of the way!

Content marketing – What is it?

🚀 Why is content marketing so important?

Did you know that content marketing is not just about sharing information? Good content builds brand loyalty, increases engagement and helps you stand out from the crowd!
…so it builds a stable follower/buyer base for you and generates revenue in the long-term.

But how to use it effectively? What are the pitfalls? And why we should use it?

Confidence and Commitment at work

✨ Trust and Commitment is not only the key to success at work, but also the foundation for a happier, more balanced life. I recently attended a special event with an old friend and colleague, Gabriella Jenei “Gabus”. 🌟 This inspired today’s theme.

Why is it good to involve the target audience?

By actively engaging audiences, we can achieve deeper brand engagement and a longer presence, creating added value for both audiences and businesses. The power of interactivity and identification is essential in today’s marketing.