Business community

I’m delighted to announce that I am among the newest member of the Forbes Business Club and featured in the 10th anniversary edition of the magazin, in November! It is a reminder that for managers, continuous learning and adaptation is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Forbes Kilövés 🚀 Start the season!

Yesterday at the #ForbesKilövés event I realised again the value of such meetings. 🎙️ Ramóna Lékai-Kiss’s inspiring career journey, 🌟 Ági Pataki’s new start and 💡 András Perényi’s innovative thinking have inspired me. The energy of the community and the importance of active networking reaffirmed: we are not alone on our journey! The biggest lesson?

The power of choice over our lives MUST BE in our hands, and failure is just another learning opportunity. Thank you, Forbes!