Authentic fandom: Ed Sheeran and the memorable Heinz Ketchup advertisement.

The Heinz advertisement with Ed Sheeran capitalizes on the power of relatability to the average person, showcasing the singer as he swaps gourmet sauces for Heinz ketchup in a restaurant. The authenticity of the advertisement is enhanced by the fact that Sheeran himself came up with the idea, and it appeals to the audience through humor, simplicity, and the effective use of influencer marketing. Moreover, the Heinz Ketchup tattoo on the singer’s arm further strengthens the genuine connection between the brand and the singer.

Old Spice: The power of humour and interactivity in advertising

Old Spice’s 2010 advertising campaign was targeted at a female audience, as women buy 70% of men’s toiletries. The interactive approach of the campaign, which used personalised videos on social media to answer consumers’ questions, made the brand viral. As a result, sales of Old Spice have grown significantly and the brand has achieved a leading position in the United States.