VOL2. My content through AI eyes

Join me on another adventure, where tengr.ai now gives me feedback on my personal brand essence, focusing on my content.

What kind of character am I based on what the digital world sees of me?

Nearing Halloween: Tim Burton and the art of uniqueness

Draw inspiration from Tim Burton’s films and career to learn how to become the best at what you do. Discover the power of passion, perseverance, continuous learning and good relationships to achieve success. Success is not a destination, but a journey. Be part of this journey and enjoy every step of the way!

What was the secret of Jimmy Zámbó’s success?

When Jimmy Zámbó’s name comes up, many people think of old memories and the singer’s huge popularity. In my article I will show that Jimmy was not only a talented singer, but also a marketing genius. He consciously built his brand, which is still strong today. Charisma, a unique voice, deep emotions and direct contact with the audience all contributed to his success! In my article, I will also discuss how Jimmy was aware of marketing and how he used it to his advantage, even at a time when marketing was in its infancy in Hungary.