The Terminator Mode and all that goes with it


We are not machines! I share with you an honest, real-life story about “Terminator Mode” and what happens when we overwork ourselves. 😓

A time when everything was at its peak: success, projects, exams… Then came the slap. A slap that even I was floored by. 🤯

“Don’t wait until you have cancer to delegate”

Remember: health is our greatest treasure! 💎🩺

The perfect balance: how does rest affect our minds and careers?

Do you have a work-life balance? Or do you feel stuck in a rut? 🐿️

Immerse yourself in fresh perspectives (and Lake Balaton), mental balance and the importance of preventing burnout in my latest article on how I work to live a harmonious and productive life – I’m not a mastermind (!) but that’s why it might be useful to read it.