The perfect balance: how does rest affect our minds and careers?

Do you have a work-life balance? Or do you feel stuck in a rut? 🐿️

Immerse yourself in fresh perspectives (and Lake Balaton), mental balance and the importance of preventing burnout in my latest article on how I work to live a harmonious and productive life – I’m not a mastermind (!) but that’s why it might be useful to read it.

I know how difficult it is to find the ideal work-life balance. In fact, I’m still working on it today.

Scientific Insight 🧪

A 2020 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology looked in depth at the effects of work-life balance. The research involved more than 1,500 adults working in different industries and was conducted over a one-year period.

The results of the research showed that people who were able to achieve a work-life balance not only had higher levels of job satisfaction, but were less likely to experience burnout and work-related stress.

Participants who consciously took time to rest and relax felt less exhausted and better able to adapt to workplace challenges. This research clearly supports the idea that:

A harmonious work-life balance is not a luxury, but a necessity that contributes to our personal and professional success.

We often feel that work comes before everything else and tend to forget that our own well-being is just as important. But believe me, in the long run, it really is worth taking time for ourselves! It’s when I finally take the time to relax that I realise it too! Afterwards I always say, “It was worth it!”

Creating an ideal work-life balance not only protects our mental and physical health, but can also open up new perspectives in our careers. Put simply, it is a state where we manage to strike a harmonious balance between the demands of our careers and our personal lives. And believe me, it’s not only key to your happiness, but also to your success!

At the end of the summer, I decided to “escape” with my husband for a few days for a sudden break. Yes, I used the word “escape” deliberately, you can feel the weight of that.

During my days of relaxation on the shore of Lake Balaton, I realised how important it is to stop and take a breath. Even if there was no long planning before the trip, it was simply necessary. On Tuesday we felt it is just simply to much what is going on, on Friday we jumped in the car. (bounced is an exaggeration, we could take over the room from 2, but at 2 I was still e-mailing with one hand, ironing with the other… well, that’s how we jump into a vacation usually, but at least we do it).

… and we have finally arrived for our much needed holiday. It takes time to slow down, phones silent, to believe you’ve arrived – By day 3 I could feel that not only my body but my soul had been recharged and I suddenly felt ready to return to work with renewed energy and fresh ideas. But why is this so important? Let me share my thoughts with you! 😊

The secret of spiritual balance

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing better than a good massage or a nice dinner knowing I won’t have to get up for my clock ringing the next day. It’s a chance to reconnect with myself. Slowing down is good not only for the body, but also for the soul. Taking some time for ourselves to rediscover what makes us truly happy is golden. 💖

Creativity in everyday life

I admit I love eating delicious food and sipping tasty cocktails. And you know what? It’s not only good for my soul, but it’s also good for my creativity. When I don’t have to think about anything (in fact I concentrate on thinking about nothing – try it, it’s often harder than putting together a new complete business model), I suddenly think of the best ideas. Really try it yourself and see how inspiring it can be! 🌟

Avoiding burnout

Burnout is an increasingly common phenomenon in society. It is a state of exhaustion that develops when we overwork ourselves for long periods of time without taking sufficient time to rest and recover. Burnout not only affects our performance at work, but also threatens our mental health – from our relationships with ourselves to our family relationships. Regular rest and relaxation, such as reading a good book or eating a delicious meal, a few days away from everything can help prevent this state of exhaustion. 💪

The squirrel wheel and proper time management

I know that sometimes you feel like you’re running in a squirrel wheel, and it’s hard to get out and get away when things are piling up. You can’t finish a job, you can only stop, take a pause in it – But trust me, proper time management isn’t just about the work. We need to factor in rest to maintain balance and avoid burnout. We need to get off the squirrel wheel from time to time so that we can come back with a fresh perspective and new energy. 🔄

The end of summer can be the perfect time to reassess your priorities and take time to relax. Whether it’s a relaxing weekend at the spa, a full day of hiking, or a day of just doing the things you love (sitting at your favourite coffee shop all day is perfect!), it’s important to take time for yourself and recharge. And it’s not a question of money.

Dear friends, I hope that you also take time to rest and relax. If not even regularly, give it to yourself time to time. There will always be a lot to do, you don’t have to wait until you run out of things to do – because there won’t be. And of course it shouldn’t be. But remember, the secret to success is a harmonious balance between work and rest. Let’s raise our glasses to a well-deserved rest and future success! 🥂