VOL2. My content through AI eyes

Join me on another adventure, where tengr.ai now gives me feedback on my personal brand essence, focusing on my content.

What kind of character am I based on what the digital world sees of me?

VOL2. Continuing our adventure from yesterday, AI has profiled me again…

Yesterday we went on an exciting journey to observe how AI forms an image based on my LinkedIn profile. The pictures I received were a surprisingly accurate reflection of the character I represent. Maybe a bit tougher than I think I am. But that’s what my profile seems to suggest.

Today I delved further into the essence of my personal brand. Today I asked tengr.ai to move away from my profile and focus solely on my content. Who is the person behind the articles?

The result? An even more sympathetic image: a young, smiling woman who radiates authenticity and cheerfulness while standing with folded arms and elegantly. Pretty relaxed, at least much more relaxed than yesterday.

The character that came back to me today seems even more vivid and alive. The brown eyes and brown hair remained…

The character generated by my articles, with a full smile, but still with arms folded in a firm stance, suggests that I have not only cheerfulness, but also knowledge and determination. And while it feels good to receive feedback from AI, the real joy and pride for me will always come when I can be useful, interesting and valuable to real people.

This little virtual experiment is not only fun, but it also confirms to me that the image I project in the online world is really in line with who I am. And while an AI-generated image will never surpass the depth and richness of real human interactions (it’s clear, no need to elaborate), it can be an inspiring feedback on how our digital footprint is embodied through the eyes of an AI.

This virtual mirror can help us to reflect: are we really broadcasting what we want? AI-created images remind us to be conscious when building our own brand, whether it’s a profile picture, a blog post, or even our everyday interactions.

Ultimately, what really matters, beyond playing with technological innovation, is the impact we have on others. As you can see in the pictures, my smiling, authentic and cheerful character is in line with the tone of voice I convey in my articles, according to AI, which confirms my determination to continue on this path. And I couldn’t go any other way, I shouldn’t have to go out for an extra 3 likes, should I? 🙂

How important do you think it is that our online presence reflects who we really are? And how much can we trust the opinion of an AI when it comes to building our personal brand?

I look forward to your comments, and remember that AI is just one of many tools we can use in the modern age! But the really important thing is that we are authentic and self-identified and have fun! 😉

Aletta Nagy-Kozma