Confidence and Commitment at work

✨ Trust and Commitment is not only the key to success at work, but also the foundation for a happier, more balanced life. I recently attended a special event with an old friend and colleague, Gabriella Jenei “Gabus”. 🌟 This inspired today’s theme.

I recently attended a special event at the Forbes Makers Day, where I not only got to hear inspiring presentations, but was also accompanied by an old friend and colleague, Gabi “Gabus” Jenei. This experience has inspired me to share with you why it’s so important to have a good atmosphere, trust and a positive working environment in your company.

More than a colleague – we work with people

To start with, I like to surround myself with good people who are also excellent professionals in their field. So basically, I’m with people who are easy to like because they are kind, intelligent, understanding, hardworking… and so on, so it’s been a lucky combination so far, a lot! 😊

That’s true for everyone, from salespeople (one of them loves to travel and is very humorous, the other is terribly patient and attentive), my assistant (who is one of the most creative person I know and if I didn’t know her roots and my own, I would even believe that we are “from the same litter”, there are so many similarities), graphic designers (hard-working, kind, creative, humorous), developers (clever, smart, efficient), our printing staff (who also makes amazing pizza in his oven), accountants (who act like mothers to me)… but I could go on until the morning, because I respect and love everyone as a human being! All this, of course, in addition is super, gives me and them a huge sense of security!

Reflecting on the Forbes event, I would like to highlight Gabus this time. Gabi and I have been friends and working together for 10 years. Gabi is one of the graphics designers of Magyar Térképház Kft. and we have created many successful projects together. We have understood each other from the very beginning, we have very similar values, I love her humour and the way she looks at life and identifies qualities. Gabus is a very open-minded person, you can imagine, she is also a story therapist besides being a graphic designer. So cool! One of her tenets is to help others, it gives her energy, she’s a mother hen. It couldn’t be any other way, and it shouldn’t be. So we found a common voice from the very first minute and we worked in a good atmosphere. Working with Gabus is not really a job, it’s more of a joint creation.

But why is a good atmosphere at work so important?

The answer is simple: a good mood boosts creativity, productivity and job satisfaction. A positive working environment makes people feel better, which contributes to better performance and long-term working relationships.

Trust and commitment – building blocks

Trust and commitment are two key factors that contribute to a good workplace atmosphere. When colleagues trust each other and are committed to common goals, collaboration is smoother and more effective.

For example, Gabi and I have developed a working relationship where we trust each other completely. This allows us to communicate openly, share ideas and work together to find the best solutions.

Of course, in everyday life, we don’t have glitter pony jumping around every minute, but we’re not afraid to tell each other if we’re not sure about something or if we’d like to change something. And that’s good, very good! Open and honest communication is essential for building trust. I’m not afraid to tell the other person how I feel, what I would do differently, how it’s ideal for me to work, how I can be most effective – which is good for everyone.

  1. Openness and Communication: a good atmosphere promotes open and honest communication.
  2. Enthusiasm and Passion: workers are more enthusiastic and passionate about their work.
  3. Healthy Competition and Collaboration: a good atmosphere promotes healthy competition and collaboration.
  4. Personal and Professional Development: employees are given more opportunities for personal and professional development.
  5. Better Work-Life Balance: workers can enjoy a better work-life balance – because they dare to speak up and shape that balance. And if there is a real leader at the head of the company, he or she will notice when the balance is not right and get ahead of it. Well, yes, it doesn’t hurt to look out for each other. (as important in your personal life, it is also important at work)

Leaders need to give space, listen and hear what their colleagues are saying – active listening. And yes, they SHOULD, because that’s why they are real leaders and not just “bosses”. Everybody can share ideas, wake up in the morning with expectations, but to set an example and give direction, motivate, care, listen, invent and then guide towards implementation – well, that is something that is less common. This is not taught in management school 😊 But none of them I think, these are SKILLS, human qualities.

Good workplace morale, trust and commitment are what allow us to build a successful and happy workplace community.

And if friendships are formed along the way, well, we’re real winners!

How much better it is to work with people you like, feel comfortable with (and even enjoy spending time with) and trust on a daily basis, right? 😊