The World of Banksy – The street is my canvas

The exhibition hall has a truly unique atmosphere, brought to life by the bright LED lighting, giving the space depth and dynamism. The unique architecture of this stunning building adds to the intrigue of the exhibition and offers a fascinating and unique experience for all visitors.

I’m a fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s uniqueness, Andy Warhol’s iconic style, and of course I can identify with Banksy’s bold messages. But what connects them? They have all shaped the cultural landscape of their time through their art, and have bravely defied social norms. From street art to pop art, the three of them can have an impact on the world and the people in it, on the way we see the world.

Now you can get closer to Banksy!

Visit “The World of Banksy – The Street is my Canvas” exhibition in Budapest!

It was simply amazing! Inspiring works and profound messages are a real treat for all art lovers. We have already had the chance to admire Banksy’s real works in New York, but here in Budapest we have been on a real cultural journey.

But who is Banksy really? This question is still a mystery!

Pushing the boundaries of modern art, the world-famous and enigmatic Bristol-born graffiti artist Banksy has been a worldwide success for years. His works have attracted more than 2 million visitors, from Barcelona to Dubai.

“The World of Banksy” exhibition will soon debut in other major cities such as Venice, Naples and New York. In Hungary, it will be shown for the first time at the KOMPLEX in Király Street 2024. from 3 May. Within the walls of the historic monument, you can see more than 100 works of art: graffiti, photographs, video installations and prints on various materials – all specially created for the exhibition.

“The World of Banksy – The Street is My Canvas” exhibition offers a unique insight into the life of this exceptional artist in a unique setting, while Banksy continues to maintain his mysterious anonymity. Original works are rarely available, but the reproductions here are stunning!

Complex, Király utca 26. Budapest 1061