Forbes Business Club birthday

I have improved in all areas of my life since I met you…

Yes, we recently celebrated a birthday! 😊

The cooperation of a community of people who Forbes has created a supportive environment where members can openly and honestly share the challenges they face and their experiences.

I believe that we can learn the most from each other, which is why I am so grateful that the Forbes management has selected valuable, brave and hard-working (good humour!) people, Hegman Zsuzsanna with the club hostess in the lead! 😘

Why is it a pleasure for me to come among you every month and attend the retreats?

Because not only do I always benefit from the training and the discussions, but it’s also very good for me, it’s just good for me! 🙂 It’s nice to spend time with “fellow travellers” who are in similar situations, have similar feelings, are similarly responsible for others but who also care about achieving a good work-life balance… So they want to be not just successful but really satisfied. They are happy because they feel good about themselves and do their best to make others around them (such as colleagues) feel good about themselves.

Forbes Business Club

It doesn’t even matter if you have 10 employees, or 100, or much more!
If you decide that you are going to go ahead and put yourself out there… then the circumstances will adapt to you. That’s how I came across this club last year, and I’m very grateful that despite my young age, I sucked it up and decided that even though I was going to be the “youngest”, I had to start somewhere. The smart can learn from others. That’s why I’m here! To be with you, to grow together and help each other!

I have improved in all areas of my life since I met you… 🙂 And that’s why I think my family, my colleagues, my clients are grateful / even if not everyone knows exactly what makes me more aware, more organized, why I can better manage my time, my energy, why I can better focus on the essentials, where I have been confirmed to delegate (I could go on and on).

And I can only talk about Viktor Lenartin superlatives anyway, so it’s not even worth starting, it would end up being an article! 😁 Professionalism and experience is one thing – but to be able to convey it so effectively, effortlessly and with style, that’s where the art begins!

Thank you for having me and I hope we can build together for a long time to come! 😘

Long live ForbesBusinessClub!

Thank you for everything! 🙂